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6/21/2018 12:00:07 PM

Two weeks ago, ABM Space conducted three shows at the same time. One of them was conducted outside the borders of our country, in the capital of Germany.

On-site we met not only with a warm reception from the host - the Polish Institute in Berlin – but also the hot temperature, which in Berlin reached 30 degrees. Having prepared our stand and successful connection to the ReMY System, we were ready.

"Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften", meaning "Long Night of Science", as we took part in this event, where we were welcomed by guests from Poland and Polish diaspora, but these were not only ones. We talked with Berliners, Brits, Spanish - people from all over Europe, interested in space or even operating in the industry. Throughout the evening (from 5 pm to midnight) they stopped at our stand to find out what ReMY is - they asked questions, read leaflets and watched system presentations.

Several times during the show we connected remotely to the rover located at that time in Toruń (some 400 km from Berlin!) and handed over our rover to visitors so that they could check themselves with the Remote Mars Yard. Every time it turned out that we had to extend the login time due to the undiminished interest in our project, despite the late part of the day :)

We would like to emphasize that despite the creation of the new version of ReMY, we are still organizing demonstrations based on the old, proven system located on the Polish soil. We encourage parents, students and teachers in Poland, Germany - anywhere in the world - to contact us in order to organize such gameplay, or even an interclass or interschool competition.

Enormous acknowledgments to the Polish Institute in Berlin for hosting us. We hope that it was not the last time :)

ReMY Team