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4/26/2018 1:20:46 PM

The beginning of the year 2017 is primarily preparation. As we wrote in the previous post here, in December last year we finished the second edition of the ReMY competition. We also received a green light from the National Center for Research and Development for a project, the effects of which are, for example, the page on which you are currently on :)
Together with the new edition, a brand new rover was designed. It lost its streamlined shapes for a more functional look. In addition, the suspension has been improved and the electronics inside the vehicle have been revised.
The interface has not changed as much as the robot - the changes were rather cosmetic. Small errors have been corrected, such as displaying names in different language versions, but the page was not designed from scratch, as in the case of the rover.
The competition formula also remained the same as in the previous edition. New questions regarding objects were invented, and a semi-automatic checking system was also designed. Still, the teams, having at their disposal geological materials, searched for interesting objects, which were then to be examined and described in the report.
In the second half of March, we visited the winners of the second edition to conduct the workshops we wrote about previously. Saturday, March 25th, was devoted to workshops for carers of another group of teams.
Teams were given a month to prepare the Flight Plan and training on the simulator (which was also improved and enriched with several additional functions). The next weeks were spent on final rides and writing reports. The last team faced Mars on May 16th.
Finally, the teams: Warriors (59/100) from Jasło in the Middle School category and Solar Squad (62/100) from Zielona Góra in the High /Technical School category were awarded the first place. Similarly to the previous edition, the prize for the winning teams was a workshop, which we combined with the promotion of the ReMY project. The Final Gala took place on 27th May 2017 and ended the series of competitions organized by the Copernicus Science Center and ABM Space.
During three editions, we have operated 75 teams and 332 participants. We have gained a lot of experience in organizing, designing software and hardware architecture, as well as designing a rover and developing a control, positioning and streaming system from cameras placed on the robot. Thanks to this, we were much more confident in the development of individual project elements in the lead-in phase.
The "old" system is still used by us as the "alpha version". It is primarily our "test site" - we use it to check solutions that will be implemented in the project. Besides, we can present it as a "mini" version of the whole concept - sometimes one picture or one minute spent on operating the rover will express more than a dozen of sentences that we will articulate during a rigid presentation.
We have really fond memories of our cooperation with the Copernicus Science Center when organizing ReMY competitions. It is possible that in the future we will undertake such an endeavor again - be it with the Copernicus Science Center, or with any other educational unit, or alone. For now, however, our forces are reflected in the current project - this is our main goal now.
Maciej Ślęk, ReMY Gameplay Developer