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5/25/2018 10:32:38 AM

In February 2017, we started work on a project called "Remote Mars Yard" (convergence of names with the "Remote Mars Yard" competition completely by accident!). For the next two years (i.e. until the end of January 2019), the "spiritual successor" of the current ReMY will be created.

Until now, this abbreviation defined an interesting and innovative educational position - which led to fruitful cooperation with the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. Now "ReMY" is developed in terms of various types of recipients, but we do not neglect scientific values. You can read more about individual target groups on the main project website (link) and here (link).

At present, however, something comparable and functionally similar is being created, although from a technological point of view entirely different.

First of all, the whole graphic design - so far the participant had to deal with the ReMY System available only from the browser level, whereas the web portal and the application (game) that allows to conduct the Martian mission are being created. This division was dictated by various reasons - primarily technological (the performance of the game placed on the website departs significantly from the standalone program). The gameplay itself will also be improved graphically, its content and diversity will also grow - it will not be an education factor itself.

For the purpose of the project at ABM Space, a new rover with a rather changed appearance has been designed. Regular readers can guess that the latest version has a centrally placed manipulator and a mast with a navigation camera :) dimensions and appearance of the entire rover, however, has changed dramatically. For now, it will be mystified ...

Our current Martian crater was about 14 m². The project assumes four such "maps", where each of them will have ... 100 m²! This means that over 28 times more Mars will wait for those who will check their hands at ReMY.

So far, organizing of the rides - as part of competitions, individually, in the form of demonstration or other - was on the side of ABM. We created microsystems that streamlined this process, but eventually, we had to supervise everything from A to Z. Together with the portal, an automated timetable will be created, where the user will choose the most convenient date and then pay the appropriate fee - without excessive bureaucracy. By "the most convenient" we understand even the ones scheduled on Tuesday at 4 am - ReMY will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

During the competitions, the group of users planned their own passages. There will still be such a possibility, but for players we design ready missions - "scenarios" in which they will have to perform specific, predetermined tasks. The number of these scenarios is not fixed - the maps are large, so the supply will depend mainly on demand.

As ReMY is also a research project, mock-ups will serve as "test polygons" on which we will check various solutions that are created in ABM Space. For now, we cannot let in on our projects, because everything is top secret;)

Our forum is divided into Polish and international sections. We are looking for partners and people who share our interests in various countries from all around the world, not just Europe. Thanks to the global network, we are not limited by anything, we can reach virtually every corner of the globe – as long as the Internet reaches there. In a year or two, it will be nothing unusual to have a schedule in which an American will conduct his mission after the user from China, and then a player from Egypt.

We have ambitions to make ReMY famous all around the world 😊