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7/5/2018 10:02:08 AM

This year, at the turn of July and August, Mars will be in opposition. And that does not mean
that it will vote against the third planet from the Sun :)

The Red Planet and the Sun will be directly opposite sides of Earth. Due to the shape of the
orbits of these celestial bodies, this is does not mean being closest. This year the distance is
extremely small - that is why various Martian missions were planned for this period. It makes
no sense to develop flight routes for hundreds of millions of kilometers if the planets do most
of the work for us - the largest distance between them is estimated at around 400 million km!

This year's opposition is the distance of 57.6 million kilometers. Recently, two planets were so
close almost 15 years ago. For this reason 2018 is full of various events related to Mars and
the universe in general, directing our attention to the extraterrestrial. That is why we are
planning to appear at several Martian meetings, which will be announced in subsequent
entries :)

ReMY is a virtual simulator of Mars missions, therefore it fits perfectly into this year's field of
cosmic interests. We are happy to inform you that the first two schools from the District of
Toruń received from us ReMY robots in a version adapted to learning programming. These
are prototypes and we are happy that we will be able to develop our tools further.
Learning through play - teams of students from schools in Łysomice and Obrowo under the
guidance of trained teachers apart from learning programming, will also develop mission
plans, set goals and perform tasks. The opinions of students and teachers will be invaluable
to us and will allow us to improve our product. We would like to reach as many young minds
as possible and enable them to experience the simulated Martian mission and propose
learning in a modern and interesting formula.