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3/16/2018 11:17:34 AM

Michał, Art developer

This year, work on the Martian mock-ups, which are virtually completed, has continued. Each Martian mock-up was modeled according to the designs of dr. Anna Łosiak in the World Machine software. The next stage is to connect all the territories into one cohesive whole.

The visualization of the hall was created in 3d (static renders for this moment), with the rover placed on a mock-up to determine the proportions and general analysis of the sizes and proportions of the objects.
All the graphic elements needed to create the REMY portal, website layout, discussion forum, player profile, etc. were also generated.

Krzysztof, Programming of positioning algorithms

The development works on the visual positioning system are coming to an end. During the last tests, matching the physical robot with its counterpart on the virtual model was assessed as compatible on over 80% of the mock-up terrain. Currently, the work focuses on increasing the accuracy by, among others, integration with basic sensors.

Maciej, Gameplay developer

When it comes to gameplay, the main concepts of the gameplay, player development (career) and content during the game (mini games as an enrichment element) have been developed. Currently, they are developed and checked in a virtual environment. Then they will be implemented (and, of course, retested) in real conditions.

Adrian, Robotic system programmer

The communication system between the client application and the server has almost been completed. At this moment, the user can easily connect to the application server and create his own team with specific roles featured during the mission. The system fully supports checking the connection and its possible disconnection.

Robot control from the client application level has also been fully developed and implemented into the system. The positioning system is currently in the testing phase. Preliminary results are very promising - the location of the virtual robot almost always reflects the location of its physical version on the mock-up. We are in the process of improving this system to ensure its full reliability! In the near future, the first scenario of the Mars mission will also be implemented.

Łukasz, Programmer and communication specialist

During the last year of the project, my work was related to the development of the portal's functionality and the associated API. Users have been given the access to the forum and the option of creating accounts on the portal. In addition, there are still incomplete modules, such as a store, booking of rides, which will most likely be made available on the day of the system's release.

Radosław, Programmer

The passing year was marked by intense works, these included creation of a ReMY portal: main page and forum. The incorporation of 'Fullcalendar' - an open-source calendar into the portal is currently ongoing. The calendar was written in JavaScript for the purpose of booking of rover’s ride. Things that are to be improved in this topic include adaptation to the color scheme of the portal, as well as transfer of the date of booking to the database.

Adam, Infrastructure developer

Work on the network and server infrastructure goes according to the schedule. Tests of the forthcoming network devices, which already provide redundancy and appropriately high throughput, are being conducted. Application and database servers are automated and proofed to failures. At the same time, the specifications of infrastructure components that will be purchased in the near future are being finalized.

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