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2/1/2018 2:20:32 PM

"What is ReMY" - explains one of the slides on the Home Page. But is it sufficient? Does anyone who reads a few sentences of the description, sees a few pictures, is really able to say "yes, now I know what it is about"? This entry is intended to give a broader outline of the ideas behind ReMY to those who are still not sure "what ReMY is."

In our company, i.e. ABM Space, ReMY means many things. Firstly, this is the name of the project that we create as part of the GameINN competition organized by the National Centre for Research and Development. For two years (i.e., the duration of the project), the team will make every effort to create an interesting, full-value product.
All right, but - WHAT. IS. REMY?

ReMY - Remote Mars Yard. It is a simulator of Martian missions, where part of the received information is virtual, and part - real.
Physical (that is, real! Built by ABM Space, with wheels, engines, and so on), the rover moves on an equally physical model of Mars. The player, or the user, issues commands using a computer program that connects to the robot via the Internet. Moreover, one out of four one hundred meters terrains mapping different Martian areas can be chosen. The rover itself is about 30-40 cm long, so there is plenty room for excursion! In addition, cameras that provide image to the user are mounted on the robot.

The virtual layer, on the other hand, includes for instance all indicators concerning the rover (it can "break", even though the real rover will be perfectly fine), or a panel of survey instruments (in fact there will be no drills or atmospheric sensors there).
On the edge of reality and virtual reality is to determine the position of the rover on the map - this is done on a physical robot, and then the player receives a virtual representation where the robot is located.
Besides, during each connection (session) the user chooses a scenario, i.e. a set of tasks to be performed. It is a plot structure that aims to help to feel like the Operator of Mars robots from NASA. Progress in the game will enable unblocking of new functions, such as more sophisticated research instruments.

We predict four main game modes: for an individual player, player teams (instead of “paintball” or "Escape Room" entertainment type), classrooms - i.e. mini-competitions focused on learning combined with fun, as well as offers for companies - where the emphasis will be put on cooperation processes and work in a team. Each of this version of ReMY will contain the same main core, that is exploration of Mars, they will differ in terms of course and acquired intangible benefits.

On the whole, what is ReMY? The opportunity to spend spare time, acquire knowledge or new skills in a completely contemporary, cosmic way. We will present you with ReMY in about a year.

See you on the surface of Mars,
Maciej, ReMY Gameplay Developer